Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GODcoin?

GODcoin is the Divinely Ordained Currency of the New World, and will be the One World Currency which will unite everyone, used for the process of earning and spending.

2. Who invented GODcoin?

Ultimately, all things come from God. GODcoin is the official coin of the realm for the Kingdom of Christ that is being established right now. It is endorsed by God the Heavenly Father, and issued by the Messiah, Lord Ra-El.

3. Why GODcoin?

Christ is here now, and His New Kingdom is imminent. This currency will soon absorb or remove all other currencies. It will mostly take the form of a digital currency (cryptocurrency), but with added stability of being backed by Gold and Silver hard assets. In short, it will be the perfect currency.

4. What makes GODcoin different?

GODcoin is not competing against any other cryptocurrency. A simple fact that separates GODcoin from the other cryptocurrencies is that it's intended to be a basic utilitarian currency, not simply an investment currency as the other cryptocurrencies are presently. Very soon, earning and spending will not be allowed to occur without it.

5. How will it be backed by gold and silver?

This answer will come when global commodities are controlled by Lord Ra-El's new government. Once that occurs, a fixed exchange rate will be set between GODcoin and gold and silver reserves, and the currency will become centralized. Until this time, coins will be minted with the use of digital assets, and will essentially function as future placeholders for those who have GODcoins.

6. How does GODcoin's Proof-of-Concept model work?

GODcoin will use a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm which will be energy and time efficient compared to commonly used Proof-of-Work models. Minters will be allowed to produce blocks and share in the rewards distribution of gold and silver coins once they have obtained a bond.

7. What is a bond?

A bond is a privilege which grants the user permission to become a minter. This ensures the security of the network, and prevents abuse.

8. How do I obtain a bond?

You must first purchase the GODcoin gold digital asset. Then you pay a fee using the gold asset. Once you've paid the fee, you have obtained the bond.

When a bond is purchased, the funds used to pay the fee are nullified, however, the funds used to obtain the bond are earned back through the block rewards. This requires an initial investment in the coin, and ensures long term security of the network.

9. Will the amount of gold digital asset required to purchase a bond increase as coin supply increases?

Currently, the fee to purchase a bond is fixed, but this may change as the software evolves and more details are laid out for the live net launch.

10. How does the GODcoin's system of rewards distribution work?

A minter that stakes the highest amount (in gold digital assets) will receive the biggest block rewards. The distribution algorithm will reward all the other minters based on their staked amount fairly. This encourages minters with a smaller stake to be able to help secure the network and earn rewards for their responsibilities as a minter.

11. Overall, why should I buy GODcoin?

Because it's the only choice to prepare for. The Lord instructs you to buy Gold from Him, in Revelation 3:18. He says this because very soon there will be no other authorized currency in circulation, so everyone will eventually have to accept it only as a wage, just as they do with other forms of money today. However, those who wisely buy GODcoin now while it is still in the open market phase will amass greater wealth as the value of the coin increases.

12. How can I get started?

Deuteronomy 5:33 Walk in obedience to all that the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess.

Initially, GODcoin will be available to minters and buyers at the open market value. Once Christ takes His Throne, and He consolidates all world currencies and commodities under His authority, the Coin will then be issued as fiat, which will only be earnable as a wage, so the time to buy is now, before it is too late!

It is prudent that you be a follower of Christ, and be obedient to his commands, to receive this Coin and its benefits. Otherwise, the 'outer darkness' will be the only other option, where you will have to fend for yourself, or be a slave, in a savage environment. This may sound harsh, but this is biblical prophecy of outer darkness that is already shown to be forming, so the wise will walk in Christ's ways, and be obedient to his commands.

We are simply telling all inhabitants of the world to prepare, and if they're wise, to invest. As the Lord would say, "Choose wisely".