ICO Token Purchase
  • Enter your email in the form above and click on "Get deposit address".
  • If you are already registered, you will see your deposit address, otherwise continue reading.
  • You will see your GODcoin address. Make sure these are written down or stored in your password manager!
  • Do NOT skip the above step! Once completed, click on "Get deposit address" again.
  • You will receive an email from [email protected] to verify your email.
  • Open the verification link in your email and you will see your deposit address.
At present, only Bitcoin deposits are accepted directly. See below to arrange another form of payment.
Firstly, make sure you are registered by following the steps above, we need your public key for depositing GODcoin tokens at launch! Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll reach back to you as soon as possible. Paypal is accepted.

Deposit addresses are tied to your email and can be deposited to multiple times. If you lose your deposit address, you can fill out the form above to retrieve the address again.
Coins deposited will be converted to the gold and silver prices per ounce in USD from June 1st, when the 40% bonus ended. Coins deposited before June 1st will receive a 40% bonus and will be met with the equivalent value in both gold and silver. Coins deposited on June 1st or after will have their investment split by 80% for gold and 20% for silver with a 25% bonus.
One gold token (GOD) is worth one ounce of physical gold. One silver token (SOD) is worth one ounce of physical silver. The values mentioned are used only to determine how many tokens you will receive from your purchase.
Terms of service: We are not liable for any misuse or loss of funds. All coins deposited to any of the provided deposit addresses are completely non-refundable. Your email will not be released to any third parties and we will never ask you for your private keys.
By using this service, you agree to the terms.