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Christ has returned &
GODcoin is his New World Currency!

What is GODcoin?

GODcoin is the official currency of Lord RayEl. Lord RayEl is Christ, the Messiah who has returned according to the Abrahamic Religions. He has come to rule the world, and restore peace and prosperity. Lord RayEl chose a cryptocurrency as the monetary instrument of his new global order and has authorized the release of GODcoin. The world’s economy will be united under this single currency, which will be stable once it is backed by physical gold and silver.

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The Leading Gold-Backed Currency of the New Era!

Why GODcoin?

A cryptocurrency needs to be simple, stable, and efficient, and with GODcoin, we will provide the perfect solution.
It’s called proof-of-stake, and it eliminates the need for the exorbitant and costly mining process.

Here’s how it works:

Created by users in a decentralized peer-to-peer network

Rewards users based on the number of coins they pledge as a stake

Backed by Gold and Silver for added stability

This provides several advantages:

Energy Efficiency
  • No expensive hardware required.
  • Energy requirements will never increase.
Improved Transactions
  • Transaction speeds will be faster.
  • Transaction fees will be lower.
Increased Sustainability
  • No limits on circulation caps due to technology.
  • Meets or exceeds sustainable growth and development models.
GODcoin will be the “holy grail” of monetary instruments; the perfect coin for mass acceptance in a global society.

To see more about how GODcoin’s proof-of-stake system works, see our white paper and our slide deck:


His Majesty Lord RayEl

Revelation 3:18
"I counsel you to buy gold from me, proved by fi re, that you may prosper"

Haggai 2:8
"The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts!"

Revelation 21:5

GODcoin is the only currency authorized by the Messiah, Lord RayEl, and will soon be the primary monetary instrument of a new globalized society ruled under divinely ordained leadership. The Lord instructs you to buy gold from Him, and those who wisely buy GODcoin now while it is still in the open market phase will amass greater wealth as the value of the coin increases before stabilization to gold and silver occurs.
Evidence of the Messiah’s Arrival

Meet The GODcoin Staff

The Board of Directors is comprised of clergymen and women of The Ecumenical Order of Christ (EOC). This is the ecclesiastic branch of the ancient order of Knights Templar (The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon), who first assembled in Jerusalem in the early 12th century, and were endorsed by the Holy See from 1139 to 1312. The Templar have an extensive record of perfecting systems of banking, finance, and monetary exchange across Europe, and today, with our Holy Commission, we aim to finalize our Great Work by restoring the Throne of King David and issuing the global cryptocurrency. GODcoin is authorized by Lord RayEl, the proclaimed Messiah according to Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and it is constructed by the clergy of The Ecumenical Order of Christ.

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WHAT IS GODCOIN? GODcoin will be the perfect currency, because it is the currency of Christ. It will be the currency of His New Kingdom, which will be established very soon, and it will eliminate all other currencies, leaving it to be the only formally accepted form of money. The GODcoin team plans to work closely with the Steemit community during the transition.
– GODcoin CEO, Richard Ruff


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